vintage Military coffee table ”combats navals” dom joseph



Very nice and interesting coffee table . Wooden base with Brass rim . And on top under glass

A old graphic sheets representing .

“Naval Combat, Large Ancient Engraving Watercolor, Military Historical Navy, Late 18th”

Joseph François Emeric (draftsman) – Angeli (engraver) Mentions and dedication: Emeric in del Livorno 1798 / Engraved by Jos. Angeli – dedicated to Mr. Etienne Boy Consul General of HM the King of Denmark in Tuscany by his very humble servant Joseph F. Emeric Important historical engraving presenting a panorama of the maritime wars of the late eighteenth century. Gathered in one “frieze” each of the 9 naval battles finely drawn by Joseph François Emeric in 1798 before being engraved probably in black by Angeli then enhanced with watercolor. The drawing is precise, the disturbing panache of the smoke of the guns is restored with a great immersive power, the elements in color, finely treated with watercolor, flags, part of the vessels, waves, and crest of the dedication, illuminate and animate this historic navy. These battles are also annotated, providing details on the name and origin of the buildings and the composition of their weapons and status at the time of combat. Emeric, also a sponsor of the engraved work, dedicated this print to the Consul Etienne Boy attached to the King of Denmark, probably Christian VII who did not assume power himself in 1798 because of his illness, Frederick VI, future king, being then regent. Denmark will be an ally of France during the Napoleonic wars, which may justify the large number of “naval battles” featuring French vessels, including frigates struggling with English ships, but also Spanish, English, Neapolitan or even Algerian. Apart from a scene of naval battles or two French ships defeating English ships, England often appears as the aggressor. Engraving and marine history of great finesse, both aesthetic and didactic work, rich in a teaching on the state of the seas at the dawn of the nineteenth.

Together with the red passe – par tout   a very attractive table  .And a talking peace . Good condition . nice colors .

Height 36 cm Width 91 cm Depth  70 cm