Superb floating DR Banz Bord Wall system 1960s Germany



Please take a good look at this wonderful ,floating Wall system .
Beautiful warm colored Rosewood . 6 shelves 2 Cabinets all the hardware.
Good condition. 1 extra small Cabinet present . In this set up Height 150 cm Width 300 cm Depth 26 cm

Banz Bord was founded in 1965 by Dr.Banz from Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. Dr. Banz, who was a publisher by profession, was extremely bothered by the wall brackets in his library that were mounted in plain sight under the wall shelves. This gave him the idea of ​​mounting the wall shelves invisibly on the wall, an idea that he realized by designing a unique steel support. Thanks to this steel support, wall shelves could now be mounted floating on the wall.