Original M.C. Esher Black Light poster ”Dream” 1960s



Unique and original very rare Black Light poster M.C. Escher
After M.C.Escher Wood Engraving Dream 1935 . The poster still has its Bright colors and with the Black Light on ,its completely crazy ,it exploded on the wall .i included the Black light itself into the deal . Beneath a article
from the Escher Museum in The Haque my home town

One taboo the hippies liberated themselves from was the copyright to Escher’s prints. Unintentionally, Escher’s prints suited the hallucinogenic effect of LSD perfectly, which many hippies used. Escher’s prints were embraced by the hippie generation and numerous reprints were published with fluorescent colours and fitting new names. The print Dream became Bad trip and Three spheres became Peace on earth. Escher wasn’t too disturbed about the reprints as he could have been. When an American friend advised him to call in a lawyer, he wrote:

‘Why should I be displeased if youngsters are happy with awfully coloured red things on their walls? I feel more or less flattered and I am glad that they can afford them.’