John on the chest of Christ Sculpture Museum Reproduction



This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction The carving shows Christ and St John sitting on a bench. John rests his head on Christ’s chest, his eyes closed in devotion. His right hand rests in that of Christ, who places a loving arm around his shoulder. This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction .
Polymer is a heavy and very strong type of resin material that captures perfectly the details of the casting. The advantages of polymer when compared to concrete, cast stone, and cement are that it is far less fragile and much more resistant . sold by . Ancient Sculpture Gallery, USA for 1500 DollarĀ  H 45 cm Width 25 cm D 16 cm

The actual theme of the piece is the inner unity of the two figures. The image expresses the loving submission of the disciple to the teacher and God’s love of mankind. The artist conveys this spiritual dimension very convincingly. The two figures form a a single entity. No space is left between them, and the arm and hand movements seemingly cause them to merge. The subtle drapery is conceived in such a way that the robes virtually flow into one another, further heightening the unity.