Harry Storms 1945-2023 Bronze Torso on pedestal




Very nice Harry Storms ,1945 -2023 Bronze Torso of a Women .On a Sandstone pedestal .Storms was trained at the pedagogical academy. Initially he was a teacher of crafts. He also trained at the Academy of Visual Arts in Warsaw where he was taught by Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz. In 1975 he made his debut as a visual artist with an exhibition of his bronze sculptures in Sittard. This was followed by exhibitions at home and abroad. He also started a gallery and a sculpture garden, the Procure, in Sterksel. He mainly works in bronze, with ballerinas and horses being recurring themes in his work. His horses are not static animals, but seem to be constantly moving.

Height 13 /26 cm Width 8 cm Depth 6 cm