Harco Loor Triade pendant lamp 1980s


Harco Loor Triade pendant lamp 1980s



Harco Loor – Hanging lamp – Triade
Netherlands – 1980-1989 – Glass, Plexiglas – Metal

Rare Harco Loor hanging lamp in a unique triangular shape from the early 1980s.

The lamp is built up in 7 layers, the middle layer is a 6 mm thick clear triangular large glass plate (each side measures 55 cm), the other layers around the light source are alternated black plexiglass and transparent plexiglass.
On top is a perforated metal diffuser. Light source halogen 12 volt .

The different layers create a beautiful and unparalleled light distribution.

The extensive photo report gives an impression of this special and unique lamp of which there is no second to be found.

Harco Loor is a Dutch designer of expensive exclusive design lighting that is highly sought after and sought after internationally.
Each lamp is handmade using only high-quality materials.

This exclusive hanging lamp from the early years of Harco Loor (he started in 1980) is in excellent condition


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