Bert Frijns Large architectural Art Glass


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Very exceptional and unique Large Glass object made by Bert Frijns, 6 pieces for the Hondsrug College in Emmen in 1996, are incorporated into the facade. He made 1 extra with chrome, never used it. Impressive piece now in my possession

Glass artist Bert Frijns (1953, NL) studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, both at the glass and sculpture department from 1973 to 1980. Glass, water, light and movement are the most important elements in Bert Frijns’ work. The glass shapes look simple, but the process of arriving at these shapes is long and labor intensive. He works with flat glass plates, which he can process into an object in various forms using a self-developed technique. Due to the material, clarity and reflection, the glass sculptures interact with their environment. And when the glass sculptures are filled with water, this interplay is further enhanced by light and movement into an immersive, almost meditative result..